Sunday, February 14, 2010

microsoft ajax minifier

hi all , yes long time while posting a article on my blog, now i m back , hei i have seen
most of the people are uses Microsoft ajax control in there web application , its also working fine
and also good looking in projects ,

but at a time testing of web site performance then so many issues get arises , they may be all related with speed , performance , ratio and all , now i also face this problem on my applicatin
and while searching i found good article on how to minify the ajax control auto generated (runtime) script there are two ways
either u can compress them or u can use ajax CDN facility to handle them , yes ajax introduces the CDN faliclity for ther JQUERY, AJAX tools , yes its really good while use them in out application.

now u can see how its very important in terms of project implementation.
you can refer this Scott 's blog post ,you wil come to know how its useful . announcing-microsoft-ajax-library

hope u like this

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