Friday, October 16, 2009

File comparison tool free download.

sometime we need to compare two file ,like comparing coding or some text like that , in that time if the document is too long then Comparing this will be very difficult .

here i found very nice file comparison tool call Turtoise SVN .
Turtoise SVN is Free and it can provide file comparison facility same as popular beyond compare tool.

1. Download the SVN the two file you want to make the comparison. here i have created two files test1 &test2

3. now select two file right click on mouse , and select "Diff" option on same ,

4. It will show you the difference between two files.

that's it falk,

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Check Page.IsValid at Client Side using C#

when i was designing a registration form i run into this case, what i want is if user press register
button, then that button get disable to avoid multiple click on registration button.

now if error occurred on the client side never call any server-side function so in this case the disable button will remain disable as it is, now to overcome

such problem we have to identify whether Page is error free on the client-side.

To find out this simply check on Disable Submit Button.

//write your code here.

function DisableClick() {
var obj = 'btnUpd';
if (Page_IsValid) {
document.getElementById(obj).disabled = true;
txt = txt + 1;
message = 'Please Wait......(' + txt + ')!';
document.getElementById(obj).value = message;
var t = setTimeout('DisableClick()', 600);
document.getElementById(obj).disabled = false;
document.getElementById('PleaseWait').style.display = 'none';
document.getElementById(obj).value = "Register";

hope it will work you,

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Twitter API from C# .Net

Twitter is one of the Great and friendly site ,Twitter has an API implementation that is very simple to understand and use. if you want to friends friends timelie of user you can use that from here


Ones you find the RSS of friends , you can get the 3 Keywords
1 . Statuses - what are you working on ?
2. friends_timeline - what do you need ?
3. RSS - in which format you need Rss
API supoorting in xml , json, rss, atom you can choose one of that .

Methods supported: See Twitter API

There are many objects supported, but the above format applies for only a few like Statuses, User, Direct Messages. there rest all other are mostly similar.

right now i am working on complete set of wrappers using this api, so it will be easy ,plz leave a comment if you want any help

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Google Maps Api

There are lot many service provided by Google ,

Google map

is one of that , which can be used to discover the world through your application , you can used this for many other purpose just like bookmarking you city,state, your Company and many more.

here is Google api you can integrate with you .net application, below is code how you can do that but The first thing if you wanted a google map Api key for Local server testing you may download here.

"ABQIAAAA5HHs8lZl18SY-r1Jm1qy-hQpDmmpk8q921mRIPG4qgOvy0T09hTGvwPs_FnHiEq78dTl61JP9JQQtw" this is test key for yout local server and IIS (701.00 bytes)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

ASP.NET AJAX and the MS Virtual Earth Control

i was just refering some site regarding on

Microsoft Virtual Earth Control

.so i just found very nice and simple article on "Master/Detail with ASP.NET AJAX and the MS Virtual Earth Control" written by matt berseth , its really nice

This application allows users to browse zip-codes using the Virtual Earth Map Control , on below pics you can see how to accomplish this , The example uses PageMethods to fetch the latitude and longitudes for the zip-codes , if you want more about PageMethods
just google it out or else refer it here

Live Demo | Download