Friday, October 16, 2009

File comparison tool free download.

sometime we need to compare two file ,like comparing coding or some text like that , in that time if the document is too long then Comparing this will be very difficult .

here i found very nice file comparison tool call Turtoise SVN .
Turtoise SVN is Free and it can provide file comparison facility same as popular beyond compare tool.

1. Download the SVN the two file you want to make the comparison. here i have created two files test1 &test2

3. now select two file right click on mouse , and select "Diff" option on same ,

4. It will show you the difference between two files.

that's it falk,


  1. I am a starter in terms of coding. I keep on researching good tricks and I found your page. Hope to read and to apply these techniques when am going to build my own page. Thanks a lot!