Saturday, October 3, 2009

Google Maps Api

There are lot many service provided by Google ,

Google map

is one of that , which can be used to discover the world through your application , you can used this for many other purpose just like bookmarking you city,state, your Company and many more.

here is Google api you can integrate with you .net application, below is code how you can do that but The first thing if you wanted a google map Api key for Local server testing you may download here.

"ABQIAAAA5HHs8lZl18SY-r1Jm1qy-hQpDmmpk8q921mRIPG4qgOvy0T09hTGvwPs_FnHiEq78dTl61JP9JQQtw" this is test key for yout local server and IIS (701.00 bytes)

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