Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tips on Google Buzz

on my previous post i was discuss on what is Google buzz , how you can add Google Buzz button on your Blogger / Wordpress. now on this article i am just discussing tips on Google Buzz , hope u enjoy this

1.Quick open Google Buzz
yes there are some keyboards shortkuts on gmail for opening google Buzz quickly, type g b from gmail view and Google Buzz will get open.
here are few more shortcuts.
m - mute
r- add comments
p/n - Go to new conversation
o -expand conversation
and so on.

2. Hide buzz Counter.
Now some time we dont want to view that google buzz counter on mail panal , now in this time you can remove that or hide that. Google has not given any facility to do so , but here is tricks to do this,
simple drag your lable (Buzz(3)) and and put this into More section . look at this image you will come to know

3. Subscribe Buzz feed

yes google posts each scrap to there user profile page. and you can open that by using orange icon display in your browser to subscribe a feed. it will looks this way

4.Add rich text

again this is a cool tricks on adding a rich text on your buzz message.
*bold message*
_italic message_
-deleted message-

5.View Photos in SlideShow Effects.

when ever you upload the images to the Google buzz , they basically added on Picasa albums, and when ever you clikc on that image it get open from there with the Light box effects , google has give that option that you can organize that photos according to your view and select the Slideshow option on it , then it get export those pics on picasa.

6.View Public Buzz message:

yes now you can search the public messages also with the help of google buzz. even though you can also restrict the
social connection on the buzz, that means you can protect your buzz while viewing to anyone else.
now how you can search it : that means it will return all the buzz result with this email id. like this way
you can search it. : this will search all the user that have given a comments .
has:photo, has:video, has:link : now here you can restrict the search just like if you enter has:photo that means only those result get sort out , those are hainvg photo in this buzz just like the videos and link and other

7 .Save searches

now not last but main useful feature is saving the search. what ever you have been search till time that get save automatically so later on also you can search it whtever search result your getting on previous search.

hope it will help you to make your buzz perfect , enjoy it happy buzzingg..

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