Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jquery 1.4.1 released

very good news to all the Jquery users and jquery lovers. the latest version of Jquery ( which is 1.4.1 has been released).it has lot of improvement on bases of performance , new additonal features and many new functions are added to make
jquery very popular. i really enjoy with the same. as you can see the execution time of realease version is very less in time as compare with the previous one.
here are the Minified and Regular version .

You can download the js frem the above link.or you can take a advantage of Google CDN on :
while using CDN one is very good idea , because if anything get change on current realease then it will automatically updated on your application ,. if your using Google CDN features , Microsoft is also providing the same kind of feature of CDN you can also take the help form there also.

on new release they have added methds like , Setter , Getter and many more ajax features. the Whole API Documentation you
can get it from here.

now guys why your waiting , just use latest version of Jquery on your application and make your application very cool and attractive .


  1. um...actually 1.4.2 was released quite a while ago..

  2. yes right , but this post is basically for new to jquery ,thx