Sunday, April 25, 2010

my oracle interview experience

hi friends,

last week i was attended "ORACLE financial services" interview for the .NET Developer post. Here i am sharing my experience on interview hope so it will help you while going for an Oracle Interview. i was disqualify from 3rd Round (Final Technical Round).

Interview Process:
There was 4 Round 1 st Online Test ( 47 Question 1 hrs ) but be careful there is also a negative marking as well as there is also a cutoff (if u select more than 1 answer and answer is wrong ) then again some deduction on your marks . Quite tough mostly Question on Assembly , Framework , C# , then hardly question on Datalist,Datagrid, Gridview and all basic. we totally 3 people get selected in first round out of 10.

Second Round is Technical Round. it was ok only basic question get ask during the interview , but in most of them are in-depth question just like on DataGrid DataBind() wht happen exactly , which function get executed at first onRowDataBound() or DataBind(). how .net life cycle will work on this process and all . i also got selected on this round .

now There was a Final Round on again Technical . There was 2 panelist in front of me and asking question on most of the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) and Question on backed on Pl-sql / SQL2005 . i thing around 15+ question get ask during the interview process i have answer most of them . but interview was cool .

at last there was an only final Round Remaining which is HR Round. but sorry to say friends i was disqualified from this process (2nd Technical Round). hope my this experience will help you to get it in ORACLE or any other software farm .because most of the time same process is there every where .

hope i will get good company out of this. better luck next time .but one thing is sure i am getting very good experience from this.


  1. This was very nice blog post and the thing i like most is your courage to speak out openly that you get disqualified, very few people have courage to accept their failure in open. This is very good quality and i am sure this will take you to peak of your career.

    You have long way to go... Best wishes

  2. i admire ur courage :)